I took Molecular Biology at the University of Bucharest and studied for a Ph.D degree at the Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Later I moved to London where I worked at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine as a research scientist.

In 2011 I graduated with an MA in Documentary Film at the University of the Arts, London College of Communication, becoming a full time photographer and film producer. Currently I am working on a four episodes historical documentary on Romanian Monarchy and on my first photographic-scientific book, ‘Wild Orchids of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania’.

In recent years, my interest in photography and film has led my travels across five continents, looking for cultures at the edge of assimilation and annihilation. My passionate ethnographic searches for many disappearing cultures and traditions took me to Fiji Islands in the South Pacific, to Tanzania and Zanzibar, Chile, Argentina, Tibet, Israel and Jordan, to name a few. Searching for common threads among exotic fascinating cultures and societies, I have amassed a series of powerful portraits and landscapes of engaging documentary value.

My scientific background and artistic talent combined with dedication and belief in humanity, make my photography more than just a simple visual record. I endeavour to capture the essence of humanity in the finest documentary tradition:
‘What binds us together is far greater than what divides us’ (Worlds In Transformation).